Kinesiology tape to relieve shoulder pain

If you have shoulder pain, your health care advisor will refer you to a physical therapist. The physical therapist will then use a variety of exercises, treatments, and modalities to treat your pain.

Kinesiology tape is one of the most popular modalities physical therapists use to treat shoulder pain. It can help you to strengthen your shoulder deltoid and rotator muscles.

Tape the front of your shoulder to protect it

The procedure will start with your physical therapist cleaning your shoulder with a sanitizer. If you have any hairs on your shoulders, then they will be removed using a buzz cutter.

Apply the first strip on your front shoulder. Here’s how to do it:

  • Extend your arm and shoulder.
  • Make an I-strip of the appropriate length. It should be equal in length to your shoulder to the side.
  • The position of your shoulder should be extended so that the muscles in the front of your shoulder can be stretched.
  • Make an “I”-shaped strip. Measure it from your top shoulder to your sidearm.
  • Place the backing strip of tape on your shoulder.
  • Pull the tape until it is about 25% long
  • Attach the tape to your arm.
  • Place the tape on your shoulder and rub it several times to ensure that the heat generated helps adhere the tape to your skin.

Kinesiology Tape applied to your Shoulder

After I have applied the strip on the shoulder front, the second strip is placed on the backside.

  • An I-strip of the right length should be cut from your upper shoulder to your arm.
  • Place your shoulders across your front and sit comfortably. This will stretch your back shoulder.
  • Apply the tape backing to the upper portion of your shoulder.
  • The kinesiology tape should be stretched to about 25%. Anchor its end on your arm about 1/3 the way down. It should be applied so that it overlaps with the front I strip.
  • Gently rub the kinesiology tape several times to increase their ability to make decisions

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