Manual Hand Therapy

Many physical therapy patients are offered massages, also known as manual hand therapy or massage therapy, as part of their treatment plans. Physical therapy massages are very different from regular spa massages that you can get in a salon or at a spa bar. The goals of physical therapy massage are to regulate muscle and joint function, increase strength, and improve mobility.

Regular sessions of physical therapy massage can help speed up the healing process. Thailand-on manual therapy can treat a particular area of the body. It is only recommended that the patient feels comfortable. It is not used alone but in combination with other forms of physical therapy to treat musculoskeletal injury.

Benefits of hands-on therapy

Manual physical therapy and massage can be used to treat both mental and physical problems.

Your physical therapist will develop a personalized plan to address your injuries. The primary goals of manual therapy are to strengthen the muscles and joints and increase range of motion.

Hand-on therapy has many benefits. These are proven by scientific experiments. Here are some of the most popular benefits.

Stimulate the immune system

Research has shown that manuals play a significant part in strengthening the immune system. They increase the number of white cells in the body, which in turn helps to improve immune function and prevent diseases.

Increase circulation

Studies also show that massage therapy can increase blood flow, especially in the areas where it is used. Increased blood flow could help to reduce the pain of sore muscles

Increase your posture, flexibility, and range of motion

Massage techniques can reduce swelling.

You can boost your mood

Massage of the body can reduce stress hormones and increase levels of relaxation hormones. This is why people feel more emotionally relaxed after receiving a massage. Massage also increases serotonin levels, which can reduce depression and pain

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