Jacksonville Beach Testimonials

Mardi did an outstanding job of getting me on my “Hips”again ,her knowledge of making sure that I do the right things, her constantly educating me of what needs to be done so that I can do my favorite thing-being on a ski slope skiing -again.
was back on the slopes 11 weeks after surgery, and felt better than ever( never fell!)
Thank you much

Herman Muller

My PT therapist is great. Very knowledgeable and understands how to make your body perform to achieve the necessary goals. Thanks Dr. Johnson.

Lee Kitchen

Everything with direct orthopedic therapy has gone very smoothly. From the scheduling to the insurance to the therapist himself. Dr Jonson is very thorough in explaining your therapy, and how it all ties in together. I believe that understanding what is happening, and why, makes you a better patient. I am very pleased that my surgeon referred me to this practice.

Crystal Keener

Dr. Jonson and his entire Direct Orthopedic team are incredible, he spent a lot of time better understanding my injury and thoroughly explained what was going on with my body and the appropriate exercises to help ease the pain and prevent future injuries. I’ve been to a lot of other physical therapists where they barely spend any time with you and give you exercises to do while seeing lots of other patients. That was not the case with Direct and can’t recommend their services enough. Thank you again for all your help.

Drew Himel

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James Beebe

My PT is the greatest PT one could ask for. She lives what she preaches, focus on the patient. She kept on schedule was prompt with any changes, excellent communication and excellent knowledge of the muscular skeletal arrangement and remedial approach to getting me back in shape. (total hip replacement) A wonderful rehabilitation experience (A+)

Karen Gibson

I have rheumatoid arthritis for the last 20 years. I’ve had 11 surgeries. I was looking to find an alternative to surgeries to ease the pain. I found this Orthopedic therapy. They took the time and the patients and all their techniques to Help Me ease the pain that I’m feeling