Stretching Exercises For The Sacroiliac Joint

The sacroiliac joints’ shock absorber function is to support your body’s movements, such as running, jumping, and walking. They distribute stress throughout the lower body and pelvis to keep your spine stable. Without sacroiliac joints, you will not fall forward while you run or walk.

Inflamed or injured sacroiliac joints enable two equal distributions across the pelvis, which results in pain and other symptoms.

Sacroiliac Joint Injuries can cause people to feel unstable. For example, a person with a sacroiliac joint disability may feel unsteady when they walk up stairs or move forward.

Stabilization and strengthening are the best options for this type of instability. Here are some stretching exercises that are important to treat sacroiliac joint disability.

Stretch: One knee to chest

It is a good idea to begin with the easiest movements. This will allow you to avoid any injury from sudden stress.

How to do it

  • Place your back on the side of a pillow and then bend your knees.
  • Gently grab one knee and bring it to your chest.
  • Hold this position for a moment, then place your foot on the floor.

Stretch: From the knees to your chest, stretch both legs

How to do it

  • Begin the exercise by lying down in a supine position, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.
  • As you did with the exercise above, now bring your knees towards your chest.
  • Move the other leg with the same motion, but keep your knee bent.
  • Keep this position for at least a second, then lower one leg at a time. If you bring both your legs down, it will suddenly stretch the joint and cause more problems.

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