Peroneal Tendonitis Physical Therapy

Peroneal tendinopathy, or pain in the outer part of our ankles, could be the cause.

This pain makes walking difficult and can also impact your work and leisure activities. A physical therapist can help you regain your normal strength and function.

Anatomy and Function of the Peroneal Tendons

These are located near the ankle on the outer leg. There are three types of peroneal tendons: services, peroneus longus, and Tertius.

These tendons originate from the peroneal muscles in the outer portion of your lower leg. Other names for tendons include fibularis longus and brevis.

Peroneal tendonitis symptoms

Although these symptoms can vary between people, the most common are.

  • Ankle pain in the lateral
  • Running or walking can cause pain
  • Ankle pain when you move your ankle sideways
  • Your lateral ankle bone may be swelling
  • You can also see redness at your ankle’s outer edge

Peroneal tendonitis refers to a form of repetitive strain or overuse injury. It is not caused by trauma, but rather overuse. If you feel lateral ankle irritation, contact your physical therapist immediately.

Peroneal Tendonitis Treatment (PT)

Your treatment will begin after your full evaluation by your physical therapist. Peroneal tendonitis treatment goals may include reducing pain, increasing range of motion, or improving functionalities such as running and walking.

A physical therapist can treat peroneal tendonitis in many ways.


Peroneal tendonitis can be treated by exercising. Your range of motion, flexibility, strength, balance, and overall mobility are all improved by exercising. Exercises include single-leg balance exercises, calf touching ankle circles, and other general exercises.


Because it’s a soft tissue injury, manual therapy can also help to treat it. The lateral side of your foot massage can improve circulation and increase immunity. It can be used as a warm up before you do any exercise or stretching.

Heat and Ice

Many physical therapists also use heat or ice to reduce inflammation associated with tendonitis. It is also used to increase blood flow and speed up natural healing.

Physical therapists may also use other modalities, such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation therapy. Physical therapists may also use ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapy to improve their condition

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