Physical therapy exercises for Knee micro-fractures

Your physical therapist will give you a variety of motion exercises, in addition to some other passive and active exercises.

Exercises for quadriceps set

Getting your quads in the right orientation after knee microfracture surgery is important. This will help you regain normal lower extremity function. This is an important step for quad strengthening. Here is how it is done.

  • Place your knees straightening on your knees and place your spine on the ground.
  • Place a small roll towel under your knees
  • Gently press your back into the towel. Next, tighten your quad muscle at the top of your thigh.
  • This contraction should be held for five seconds
  • Now, let go slowly of the tension
  • This exercise can be repeated 15 times
  • You can do this several times daily to increase your quad function and contraction.

Short arc quadriceps

These are another set that strengthens the quads following microfracture surgery.

  • Place your operative leg straight on your back.
  • Any ball, such as a soccer or volleyball, should be placed underneath your operative knee.
  • Keep the ball under your knee and lift your heel off the ground. Straighten your leg by straightening your leg.
  • Your quad muscles will contract.
  • For 3 seconds, hold this position and then slowly lower your legs.
  • Repeat the process 15-20 times

Standing Weight Shifts

Your doctor may prohibit you from putting any weight on your leg after the initial period. You are more likely to be able to walk with crutches or a walker. Your physical therapist might perform weight shifts once you have been allowed to place weight on your leg after surgery.

To do this, place your crutches on the ground and then rhythmically shift your weight to one side. You may initially feel strange or painless, but this will gradually become your normal.

Balance and Proprioception Exercises

Realize that 40% of your walking is done on one foot.

One example is climbing stairs. When one foot is on the ground, the other swings forward in the air, meaning that balance is crucial. Here are some exercises to help you maintain balance.

  • One-leg stance on a balanced surface and one on an unstable surface
  • One-leg stance with open and closed eyes
  • BOSU/BAPS board – Single leg stance

These exercises are an integral part of your rehabilitation program. They create artificial situations in which you might be unsteady, and your body is ready for the unsteadiness of real life.

These exercises may be difficult for you, but you should remain safe and have someone nearby to help you fall.

You should engage in full-scale physical therapy with your physical therapist to help you recover from the effects of knee microfracture

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