Can physical therapy treatment help relieve migraine?

A migraine is not a common ailment. The discomfort might be so extreme that it becomes incapacitating. Migraines are a regular occurrence both in the United States and worldwide. Only one side of your head will be affected by a migraine. A migraine rarely encompasses your entire head. If you don’t get treatment for your one-sided headache, it may recur. A pounding headache, nausea, sensitivity to sound and light, and difficulty concentrating are the most common symptoms. Serotonin deficiency is the most prevalent cause of this condition; however, there are many more.

If you’re suffering from a headache, physical therapy can help alleviate some of the discomfort. If joint mobility and muscle strength in the upper back and neck are improved, chronic headaches will be less likely to reappear. A headache often exacerbates other difficulties, so addressing headaches can have a cascading effect, allowing you to focus on other ailments.

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How can a Physical Therapist help?

The expert physiotherapists will thoroughly evaluate the reasons for your headache discomfort and provide appropriate treatment. Once your physical therapist has determined the source of your headache discomfort, he or she will begin physiotherapy treatment for migraine to alleviate the symptoms and address the underlying cause. The moderate manual mobilization of your upper neck and back facet joints is generally included in this treatment for tension headaches. 

Does physiotherapy help relieve headaches?

That is absolutely true! Migraines and headaches can be effectively treated with physiotherapy.

When neck structures are damaged due to extended use, improper posture, or a severe injury, pain is referred to the head. Stress and pain can develop suddenly or gradually with time, resulting in a headache due to the pressure exerted on the neck’s nerves, ligaments, joints, and muscles.

Those who suffer from migraines should seek help from physical therapists:

Physical therapy may provide treatment for those who suffer from headaches caused by cervical spine and muscular tightness. The therapy aims to relax these muscles to alleviate any referred pain that may travel into the brain and create a headache.

Prescription and nonprescription medications and behavioral modifications such as stress reduction are the most prevalent forms of migraine treatment. That is something that physical therapy can help with.


Physical therapy may be helpful for some patients as a supplemental treatment, but more study is needed before it can be used as a primary treatment. Consult your physician to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment.

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