Physical Therapy and Sciatica

Physical Therapy and Sciatica

May 2, 2022

Your physical therapist finds that you have sciatica. After performing the initial evaluation, which includes lying on your stomach flat and a complete evaluation of your pain, your physical therapist will move you to the next steps in rehabilitation for lower back pain.

Prop Onto Your Elbows

You can also do another exercise called prop on your elbows. This will allow you to lie on your stomach, and cause your lower back to curve slightly in the backward direction. Take a few deep breaths, then try to relax. You can monitor your symptoms while you’re on your elbows. If your lower back pain worsens, you can rest your head on the pillow and wait until the pain subsides. Then you can return to your normal position.

Keep your posture high

Proper posture is important for quick relief of lower back pain. You can use a small pillow, or a lumbar roller to support your forward curve while sitting. Place your back against a chair backrest and place the pillow or role behind you at the same level as your belt. Or adjust it to suit your comfort zone.

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