Natural Care and Physical Therapy: Effective Treatments for Temporomandibular Disorders

This letter can be sent to a friend or family member who might benefit from natural TMD treatment.

The temporomandibular (TMJ), is composed of bones, nerves and ligaments as well as muscles, tendons, discs, and discs. As with all the joints in our body, if there’s a problem we can help.

      • Reduce pain and inflammation
      • Improve range of motion and strength
      • Restoring function, helping you get back into your daily activities

Complex TMDs may be caused by the complex structures surrounding them (the neck and head) which are all part of a larger system. TMJ pain can also refer to pain in other parts of your head or neck. Additionally, structures that are associated with your temporomandibular joint can cause pain in your head and neck.

A Great Posture Exercise for the Head and Neck

Chin Tuck

      • You can sit or stand upright.
      • One hand on the chin, one on the palm
      • Slowly move your head back.
      • Return to your starting position, and then do it again as instructed

Repeat: Four Times
Sessions: Once-Twice/Day
Hold time: 5 seconds each
This exercise should be painless

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