Physical therapy and Tendinitis

Tendonitis refers to inflammation or irritation of the tendon. Tendon, a fibrous connective tissue made of thick fibrous fibrous fibers that attaches muscle to bone, causes pain and swelling in joints. This can happen in any joint in your body, but most commonly in your hips, shoulder elbow, wrist, knee heels, and hips.

There are many types of tendons depending on what joint they are attached to. There are many reasons the tendon may become inflamed. The pain can be felt at its insertion site, where it connects to the bone.


Tendonitis can result from a sudden injury to the tendon or trauma. However, this condition can also be caused by a lot more.

Tendinitis is most common in people who do repetitive movements or exercises from the tendon every day. It’s also visible in patients who have done repetitive exercise or movements from it daily. Most people get tendinitis due to their job, or hobbies that place excessive stress on their tendons.

If repetitive activities or work-related activities are not done with proper technique, they can cause tendonitis like tennis elbow.

Risk factors

The risk factors that can cause inflammation of tendons include your age. As you age, your tenders become less flexible and weaker which makes it easier for them to be damaged. Additionally, tendinitis is more common among people who perform repetitive awkward movements and overhead reaching like in sports. Tendonitis can be caused by sports such as tennis, basketball, running, swimming and golf.

What can physical therapy do?

Tendonitis treatment focuses on three major goals: increasing range of motion, decreasing swelling and strengthening tendon to prevent it from recurring. These can be achieved using physical therapy techniques like compression, several exercises and elevation.

You may also be helped by a physical therapist to position and move your body so you don’t get tendonitis when you go back to your normal daily activities.

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