Physical therapy and hip bursitis

This is when the bursa at the inner or outer side of the hip becomes inflamed or affected. This bursa inflammation causes pain in the hip and restricts the range of motion.

Small sacs containing synovial fluid are found throughout the body. These structures help move ligaments over bones and reduce friction. Two bursae are located on our hips. One is on the trochanteric bone, known as the trochanteric Bursa, and the other is on the inner side, called the iliopsoas Bursa.

The causes of hip bursa

Hip problems can be caused by many things. If left untreated, it can become more severe.

  • This condition may occur due to a hip injury, which could be caused by falling or trauma, such as an accident.
  • This condition can also be caused by repetitive hip bone use, such as when climbing stairs or playing sports.
  • You can also have this condition due to poor posture or depression in the soft tissues
  • Hip bursitis can also be caused by arthritis, osteoporosis, spina Bifida, and other diseases.

Hip bursitis symptoms

This condition is very painful and affects the pelvic bone. Here are some common symptoms of hip pain.

  • Radiating pain from the hips, either on the outside or the inside
  • Certain activities, such as running or climbing stairs, can cause pain.
  • When the affected side of the body is pressurized, like while you sleep, it causes pain
  • The pain that restricts the range of motion in the hip bone

Assessment test

If you have symptoms of hip bursitis, a physical therapist will conduct tests to confirm your condition. These tests are

  • Pressing down on one point on the hips
  • Palpation
  • A range of movements can be checked
  • Gait analysis
  • Postural examination
  • Spinal mobility

How physical therapy can help

It’s a disorder of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment includes pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications. However, these medicines do not treat the actual cause of hip bursitis. Hip bursitis treatment should include physical therapy. This includes heat and cold, massage, manual, and stretching therapy. An expert sports physical therapist or orthopedic can help. A physical therapist can treat hip bursitis effectively. The patient can return to their normal life with minimal pain and suffering

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