Reduce the chance of needing to take Addictive Drugs, MRIs, or Injections.

It is in your best interests to visit a physical therapist if you are experiencing neck pain within 14 days. This is the reference article. For more information, please see the conclusion. Click Here.

Here are Some Thoughts on What to Do if You Experience Neck Pain

Here are some suggestions on what to do right away if you have neck pain.

Are You Confident in Your Knowledge of This Word?

Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia can also be called “ice cream headache” and “brain freeze”. For more information, click here.

Exercise of the Month

We are sharing an unusual exercise this month that can help you stretch your neck deep and help position your neck above your shoulders.

Exercise Instructions

      • Place your feet in a straight position.
      • One hand on the chin, one on the palm
      • Gently and slowly push your head back for 5 seconds.
      • Return to the starting position, and do it again 3-5 times
      • To maintain neck mobility, do this exercise several times per day.
      • The back of your neck should feel stretchy
      • You should not feel any pain during the exercise.

Suggestions on How to Decrease the Chance of Experiencing Neck Pain

Below is an article that we have put together, with suggestions for reducing stress in your neck. 

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