How I Overcame 12 Years of Persistent Pain Without Drugs or Surgery 

For my whole adult life, I had been in pain. I had throbbing lower back pain, my hips were always tight, and pain shot down my leg.   I had a routine of stretches I had to do daily to move normally.

But there was nothing I could do that would give me relief longer than a few hours or days. 

This was my daily life. 

I woke up sore, went through our day sore, and then went to bed sore. 

Some days are better than others, but even if I felt okay today, I knew it wouldn’t last. 

Today, I’m able to go to the gym, run, and play basketball without worrying I’ll get a flare-up. I sleep soundly, feel rested, and have loads of energy. My relationship with my wife is great. We are not fighting all the time anymore. I’m not so irritable, and I’ve never felt so productive at work because I can actually sit and focus without being in discomfort.

All because I got to the root cause of my problem and stopped wasting time and money on short-term treatments that would only look at the symptoms. 

I’m telling you all this because I want you to know that change is possible… 

The thing is, if we’ve been in pain for more than a few weeks, we have generally tried one of many different treatment options available, usually with no lasting results. And if we have been in pain for more than a few months, chances are we have tried everything and only ever got temporary results. The treatment feels great when we get it, but it doesn’t last. 

Once we have suffered long enough and have realized it isn’t going to solve itself, we generally go to the PCP to get some kind of answer. Most commonly, we are given drugs and referred to someone else. 

We try new shoes, braces, chiro, massage, stretching, foam rolling, or even injections and medication, which might give us relief, but it just comes back. 

Now we are back at our PCP getting given more drugs, more scans, and more referrals… but with no answers. 

Back to square one. 

So what do we do? Do we accept that this is how life is now? I’m just going to have to live with it or get surgery that can’t guarantee results. 

I’ve been there, and I know what it’s like… but what made the difference for me was the 3 transformations I made: 

First, I ignored conventional wisdom that kept telling me there must be something wrong with me, like a disc or a nerve or a muscle problem. 

Second, I trusted that my body was intelligent and knew how to heal if it was given the right circumstances 

Third, I started looking at my environment & lifestyle, my physical, mental/emotional, and chemical stress, and health and started making changes that supported my body’s ability to heal. 

The old injury and symptom care methods don’t work for nagging aches, pains, and chronic injuries. The dysfunction we have is different. Our bodies are stuck in a cycle of dysfunction, tension, weakness, and further injury, and we need to break it if we want to get our bodies back to a state of resilience, durability & balance. Symptom-focused treatments will only ever give symptomatic and temporary relief. They won’t get to the root cause of your pain because if they did, you wouldn’t be in pain… right? 

So why are we doing the same old stuff? 

If you continue following the medical model, you will only manage the symptoms. You will never find the cause, and you will never regain your health, function, and life. 

I should know that I spent 12 years in chronic back pain with no answers other than more drugs, more injections, and more surgery. 

If any of the above sounds familiar and you want to find out what’s really possible with your health, I encourage you to book a free discovery call with me. 

On this call: 

  1. We will talk on the phone to determine what’s going on, what might be causing the pain, and what can be done to resolve it permanently. 
  2. We will cover my 3-Phase Functional Strength Method so you will leave the session confident that you know what to do next. 
  3. We will assess whether I can help and whether you are a good fit for our course of treatment… 
  4. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll discuss what I do and how we can work together to resolve the pain. 

Book your call here:

This free call has helped hundreds of people understand what’s going on and what they need to do to break the cycle of persistent pain and start getting results, and it has the power and potential to do the same for you. 

To Your Health,

Jonson Yousefzadeh PT, DPT, COMPT

Owner, Direct Orthopedic Therapy

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