These tips will help you build muscle safely.

Talk to your doctor or physical therapist before you begin any exercise program.

Take it slow, especially if this is your first time being active. Gradually increase the number of activities you do and the effort you put into them.

Take care of your body. Tiredness, muscle pain, and sore joints are signs that you’re doing too much.

Start with a small amount of weight. Keep your focus on your body and gradually increase your weight.

Lift weights in a smooth, steady motion. Do not jerk or thrust weights.

Do not “lock” your leg and arm joints.

Do not hold your breath while doing strength training. This could lead to blood pressure changes. As you lift weights, breathe out and relax.

Get help. Schedule a few sessions with one of our therapists, or request a recommendation for a personal trainer.

Physical Therapy is more effective than Steroid Injections to relieve knee arthritis pain

The New England Journal of Medicine, Massachusetts Medical Society has a great infographic that summarizes the findings of the study.

Please share this with others and if you or someone you know is suffering from arthritic knee pain, have them give us a call.

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