How to use Home Physical Therapy Equipment

A physical therapist can help you if you have been injured or have had surgery. Your physical therapist can help you get back to normal quickly and safely.

You may need physical therapy tools to restore your mobility and reduce your pain safely. Understanding what you need to heal from an injury or illness will help you plan your rehabilitation from a financial perspective.

For lower back pain

Low back pain can limit your ability to sit, stand, and walk normally. If your back condition is caused by a pinched nerve, you might feel numbness in the legs that comes from your spine. Pinched nerves in the spine can be treated by removing pressure from spinal nerves.

These are some of the ways to get rid of this condition.

  • Stretch your legs from the knees to the chest
  • Do not forget to press up
  • Bridges
  • Straight leg raises
  • You can also strengthen your spine with exercises.

Postural correction is another important component of self-care for lower back pain. Physical therapists can recommend lumbar rolls to support your spine. They are usually inexpensive, at $10-40. You can also make your own by rolling up a towel and placing it behind your back. Your insurance may cover this form of physical therapy.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can be caused by various factors. To spot the problem, your physical abilities will suggest strengthening the muscles in your rotator cuff.

For increasing strength in the shoulder muscles, small dumbbells of between 1 and 5 pounds are most commonly used. Resistance bands are also available.

Some therapists also recommend kinesiology tape. You can learn it yourself, and one step costs only 15 dollars. This can be done at home to aid your rehabilitation.

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