Exercises for Medical Knee Pain

Multiple causes of pain in the inner knee may include degeneration of cartilage or thinning, also known as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

This pain can also be caused by the tearing of the shock-absorbing meniscus

Similar symptoms can be experienced after an acute twist, a sprained or twisted knee, or dislocation of the knee. Kneecap pain on the medial side may also be felt.

Although there may be many causes for medial knee pain, several ways exist to alleviate some symptoms.

Before you begin any exercise program, make sure your physical therapists thoroughly examine your pain. Then, they will suggest the exercises.

These are just a few of the most effective exercises.

Straight Leg Raise

This is a great exercise to activate the quadriceps muscles in the thigh. It can help with osteoarthritis, subluxed kneecap cap, or bursitis.

These are the steps to complete this exercise

  • Place your knees in a bent position and lie down on your back.
  • To tighten the thigh muscles on the affected side,
  • Keep the muscle contract contracted, and lift your injured leg 12 to 6 inches high. Your knee should not be bent during this exercise.
  • Keep this position for a second, then slowly lower it
  • Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Single-Leg Balance

Single-leg balance exercises are a great way of strengthening your legs. They can also benefit those with medial osteoarthritis or medial meniscal tears.

  • Place your foot on a level surface, straighten your knee, and squeeze your thigh muscles.
  • Try to balance by lifting the other leg up in the air.
  • For 30 seconds, try to keep this position.
  • This process can be repeated 5-10 times

Once you are comfortable with the exercise and find it easy to hold your balance for 30 seconds, you can try this challenge again. To complete this challenge, you can stand on a couch or a question. However, if you lose your balance, ensure you have a chair nearby or any support material to grab.

These exercises are not the only ones. We can also discuss many other exercises. Including all exercises related to medial knee pain in one article is almost impossible.

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