Physical therapy and microfracture surgery

Physical therapy and microfracture surgery

April 30, 2022

A physical therapist can be helpful if you have microfracture surgery on the knee. Your rehabilitation program for knee microfracture must be built on exercises. Active and passive exercises will ensure that your knee muscles are functioning properly. Your physical therapist will work closely with you after knee surgery to improve your knee range and strength. They may also offer you other strategies to reduce pain and swelling to help you return to your normal life as quickly as possible. Physical therapy may be beneficial for you after microfracture surgery. After knee microfracture surgery, your physical therapist (PT), will work with you to improve your knee range, strength, and function. Your PT will be able to provide you with strategies to reduce pain and swelling, and to help you get back to your normal running and walking. Some of these exercises include

Motion range

After knee microsurgery, maintaining a healthy knee range of motion should be a priority. After microfracture surgery, motion of the knee joint is important to prevent the joints from sliding and gliding on each other. A gentle motion helps keep the joint surface smooth and stimulates healing cartilage. Your physical therapist might recommend that you use a continuous passive movement machine to maintain your knee range of motion. This machine will rhythmically straighten and bend your knee while you lie on your back. The CPM will bend your knee for the first few weeks. After four weeks, your knee should bend 90 degrees. Your physical therapist may recommend the heel slide exercise to increase range of motion. Here is how to do this.
  • Place a towel underneath your heel and lie on your back.
  • Slowly bring your heel towards your hips, and then bend your knee.
  • When you feel a slight stretch, stop.
  • Do not push yourself beyond the point where it becomes painful
  • Now hold this position for a second, then straighten your leg.
  • If you feel severe pain, consult your physical therapist immediately.
While improving range of motion is a key component of microfracture surgery, there are many other important exercises that can be done. We will talk about these later.

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