The effectiveness of Physical therapy treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee

The effectiveness of Physical therapy treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee

January 10, 2022

Osteoarthritis in the knee can be a double-edged sword at times. Joint and knee health can be harmed by overusing the knees, but the less you use the knees, the weaker they become over time. Physical therapy can assist you in finding the right amount of movement for your knee joints while also maintaining their strength and health. Physical therapy for knee osteoarthritis can reduce pain, edema, and stiffness while also improving knee joint function. Walking, bending, kneeling, squatting, and sitting can all be made easier as a result. Passive and active treatments are the two major types of physical therapy that might help you better manage your knee. Catch on to our therapists as it,s their primary responsibility in passive therapies. On the other hand, active treatments need greater self-effort on your part, such as daily workouts performed at your own home. Come to have your therapy… Some of the most common passive treatments for arthritis of the knee: Cold therapy: By lowering blood flow, cold therapy can help reduce edema. Your physical therapist may apply a cold compress to your knee joint in some cases. Heat therapy: Stiffness in the knee joints and surrounding muscles can be alleviated with heat therapy, which promotes blood flow to the area. For example, if you’re experiencing pain in your knee, a physical therapist may apply a warm heating pad to the area. Hydrotherapy: Treatments for knee osteoarthritis include hydrotherapy (also known as aquatic therapy) and acupuncture. Hydrotherapy has various advantages. Consider doing some light exercises in the water (which won’t cause any harm to your joints). In addition, just being in warm water can aid mobility and alleviate pain and other symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. Active Osteoarthritis Treatments: Strengthening exercise:  To strengthen your muscles at home, your physical therapist will instruct you on a series of exercises. Strengthening your leg muscles is an ideal way to improve the stability of your knee joints. Only by building up these muscles will you alleviate knee discomfort. Exercises to improve flexibility: Flexibility exercises are essential because knee osteoarthritis can make it difficult to move. Performing these exercises regularly will help you improve your knee’s range of motion, flexibility, and function. You should do both strengthening and flexibility exercises because they might reduce the stress on your knee. Learn more about our services… Conclusion: Knee osteoarthritis treatments may include a combination of passive and active techniques, depending on your individual needs and those prescribed by your physical therapist. Your osteoarthritis in the knee may benefit from physical therapy, so make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your options. The sooner you begin treatment for knee OA, the better off you’ll be. Get treatment now

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