Lactation Counseling in Jacksonville Beach

Lactation Counseling for New and Expecting Mothers in Jacksonville Beach

Becoming a new mother can be an incredibly joyful yet challenging time. As your body goes through tremendous changes to nourish your growing baby, you may face a variety of breastfeeding issues that leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and alone.

But you don’t have to go through this journey by yourself. The lactation counseling program at Direct Orthopedic Therapy provides new and expecting moms with expert guidance, education, and emotional support for every unique breastfeeding challenge.

Who Can Benefit From Lactation Counseling?

Our compassionate lactation consultants have experience working with pregnant women and new mothers of all backgrounds who hope to breastfeed their babies. We understand that no two mothers are the same. With our individualized sessions, we can help address your specific breastfeeding goals and challenges, including:

  • Positioning a proper latch
  • Increasing milk supply
  • Sore/cracked nipples
  • Engorgement or mastitis
  • Low weight gain for babies
  • Special situations like breast surgery, injuries, or trauma
  • Milk expression/pumping

We also provide guidance for mothers who need to return to work or school while continuing to breastfeed their babies.

Why Work With a Direct Orthopedic Therapy Lactation Consultant?

The lactation counseling program at Direct Orthopedic Therapy goes beyond basic breastfeeding education. Our {credentials} lactation consultants take a holistic, patient-centered approach by considering each mom’s unique health history, concerns, lifestyle factors, and breastfeeding goals.

We understand the physical, emotional, and social barriers that can make breastfeeding difficult to initiate and maintain. That’s why we provide judgment-free support and practical solutions tailored to your individual needs as a nursing mother.

Customized Two-Phase Program

The Direct Orthopedic Therapy lactation counseling program features a customized two phase approach:

Phase 1 – Prenatal Lactation Education
In your third trimester, we offer an initial 1-hour prenatal consultation to help prepare for breastfeeding by:

  • Discussing your health history and birth plans
  • Explaining normal breast changes
  • Demonstrating proper positioning/latching
  • Developing feeding plans for work/school
  • Answering any breastfeeding questions

Phase 2 – Postpartum Lactation Support
After your baby arrives, we provide tailored lactation support by:

  • Assessing breastfeeding progress
  • Resolving breastfeeding problems
  • Exploring special situations like premies, multiples
  • Discussing introduction of bottles/pumping
  • Creating customized feeding/pumping plans

Key Benefits of Lactation Counseling

Lactation counseling offers many valuable benefits for pregnant women seeking pelvic floor physical therapy and new mothers coping with postpartum recovery.

Addresses Breastfeeding Challenges Related to Pelvic Issues

Our lactation consultants have specialized experience working with patients managing pelvic floor conditions, trauma, or post-surgical pain. We provide guidance on positioning, holds, and pumping techniques to make breastfeeding more comfortable and sustainable.

Promotes Mother-Baby Bonding

Breastfeeding facilitates special emotional connections critical for development. With encouragement and reassurance, our lactation counselors empower new mothers to feel confident meeting their breastfeeding goals despite physical challenges.

Alleviates Engorgement, Mastitis and Pain

By teaching proper milk removal and drainage techniques, we help mothers avoid complications like blocked ducts, mastitis, painful engorgement, and sore nipples. Preventing and promptly treating breast issues is vital for continued breastfeeding success.

{Staff_Name} {Credentials} and her team have supported hundreds of new and expecting mothers in the Jacksonville Beach area with compassionate, evidence-based lactation care for over {number} years. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked lactation counseling questions:

What exactly happens during a lactation counseling session?
Our sessions begin by discussing your breastfeeding history, goals, and any problem areas to address. After observing a feeding session, we assess latch, positioning, and milk transfer. Then we provide hands-on assistance and advice tailored to your situation. We’ll also demonstrate pumping and storage guidelines as needed.

What if I feel uncomfortable or experience pain during the session?
Your comfort is our top priority. Please speak up about any pain or discomfort so we can adjust techniques, try different positions, set limitations, and better understand the root causes to find solutions. We go at your pace to create positive, rewarding sessions.

Meet Our Lactation Consultants

Our warm, welcoming lactation consultants include:

{Staff_Name} {Credentials} – With years of experience supporting nursing mothers, {Staff_Name} brings comprehensive expertise spanning prenatal education, hospital consultations, outpatient counseling, and support group facilitation. She has advanced training in addressing low milk supply, premie situations, and breast health concerns.

{Staff_Name} {Credentials} – A former labor delivery nurse and board certified lactation consultant, {Staff_Name} brings special insight into establishing breastfeeding during the immediate postpartum period. She excels at helping mothers of multiples tackle the unique challenges of feeding more than one newborn.

{Staff_Name} {Credentials} – In her role supervising the outpatient lactation program, {Staff_Name} draws upon {number} years supporting new mothers after NICU discharges and throughout pediatric care. She also facilitates several weekly breastfeeding support groups for the Jacksonville Beach community.

Start Your Lactation Counseling Journey Today

If you or a loved one hopes to breastfeed a new baby while coping with pelvic floor dysfunction, postpartum recovery, past pregnancy complications, or other health-related barriers, contact Direct Orthopedic Therapy today about our personalized lactation counseling services in the Jacksonville Beach area by calling {phone} or booking an appointment online.

We offer flexible early morning, evening, and weekend sessions at our convenient {location} office. Most major insurance plans cover lactation support. Let us help you meet your breastfeeding goals!

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Darleen Green

Direct Orthopedic Therapy has been wonderful. Angelia is amazing! I had knee replacement surgery in April and then two months into my recovery (which was going very well) I developed a back problem . My doctor said this was not unusual . Angelia then had two issues to “fix”. Her knowledge and ability to determine exactly what exercise would help my back and still keep my knee moving correctly was incredible . The in-home aspect of Direct Orthopedic is the “icing on the cake”!

Maria Healy

I found this practice on Google in desperation after leaving a chiropractic consultation. Dr. Mardi Mangus was seriously interested in helping me with my tennis injury in my lower back and hip. I can say without question you are in very good hands here. She’s going to have me back on the court in less than a month after an injury that had left me limping.