C-Section Rehab in Jacksonville Beach

C-Section Rehab with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Giving birth is an amazing yet challenging experience. While bringing your bundle of joy into the world is incredible, the physical toll on your body can be immense.

If you had a cesarean section (C-section) to deliver your baby, you may now be dealing with pain, discomfort, or other issues around your incision site or in your pelvic region.

You don’t have to suffer through this alone. At Direct Orthopedic Therapy in Jacksonville Beach, our expert pelvic health physical therapists provide specialized C-Section Rehab to help you heal properly, regain strength and function, and live pain-free after childbirth.

Is C-Section Rehab Right for You?

C-Section Rehab is designed specifically for new mothers struggling with:

  • Pain, tightness, or discomfort along the C-section incision line
  • Abdominal muscle separation or weakness
  • Pelvic, tailbone, or low back pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Incontinence or leaking issues
  • Difficulty sitting, standing, walking, etc.
  • Scar tissue discomfort
  • Persistent cramping or spasms

If you are dealing with any of the above symptoms following your C-section, pelvic floor physical therapy can help provide relief.

Here’s How C-Section Rehab Works

C-Section Rehab utilizes techniques like massage, joint mobilization, neuromuscular re-education, and therapeutic exercises tailored to your postpartum healing needs.

We focus on relieving discomfort while also re-training and strengthening the muscles impacted during pregnancy and childbirth. This includes:

  • Core and pelvic floor: Pregnancy can weaken or separate these muscles leading to issues like abdominal separation and pelvic organ prolapse. We help strengthen and properly reposition internal structures.
  • Back and hips: Changes in posture/alignment from pregnancy weight gain, delivery trauma, breastfeeding, etc. often contribute to low back and hip pain. We help stabilize and decompress painful joints.
  • Scar tissue: We help minimize scar tissue buildup and adhesions for less restriction and discomfort.
  • Nerves and connective tissue: For nerve pain/irritation and tissue tightness causing painful spasms and cramping, we utilize nerve glides and myofascial techniques.

While relief from pain is the priority, we also focus on ensuring every mother can return to her life activities comfortably. We help you lift/play with your baby, sit comfortably to bond during feeding times, resume/enjoy sex life activities when ready, exercise and move properly, and much more.

No two delivery experiences are exactly alike, so your C-Section Rehab program will be customized based on your specific case history and areas of impairment.

You’ll work closely with {Staff_Name} {Credentials} or another skilled therapist 1-on-1 to achieve your postpartum goals.

The Benefits of C-Section Rehab with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Seeking pelvic floor therapy tailored to C-section delivery has profound benefits as you heal and resume your regular activities including:

1. Pain Relief

Our therapists utilize pain science education and a variety of hands-on techniques to address nerve sensitization and myofascial trigger points for tension/discomfort relief. This reduces reliance on medication with side effects that may impact baby bonding/breastfeeding.

2. Improved Mobility

Loosening muscles/fascia and strengthening weakened areas helps take pressure off painful spots so normal movement and function is restored. No more waddling around or struggling with basic tasks!

3. Confidence + Independence

When you can sit, stand, walk, lift, work, care for your home/family, exercise, and enjoy intimacy without restriction or fear of leaks, it instills a renewed sense of confidence and independence.

4. Pelvic Organ Support

If pregnancy or labor left you dealing with pelvic organ prolapse or urinary/fecal incontinence, our rehabilitative therapy helps lift/stabilize organs back into proper position and close gaps in the pelvic floor.

5. Family Planning

Pelvic rehab also facilitates healthy future pregnancies by ensuring proper core/pelvic floor strength + coordination which reduces complications down the road.
We help moms resolve the most common post-C-section issues so you heal properly, avoid compensations leading to pain or dysfunction long-term, and live your best life on your terms.

Frequently Asked Questions about C-Section Rehab:

Does C-Section Rehab hurt?
While parts of pelvic rehab can be moderately uncomfortable initially, our skilled therapists only apply pressures and forces your body can handle at that time while carefully monitoring your pain signals. Discomfort levels should decrease as your tissues get re-conditioned. Speak up any time something is too painful so we can adjust our approach!

What happens during a C-Section Rehab session?
We begin by discussing your current symptoms, daily activities, goals for therapy, and any questions. Next we’ll assess posture, movement patterns, strength, flexibility, scar mobility, nerve function, etc. to identify impairments causing dysfunction. You’ll remain fully clothed throughout. Finally, we’ll begin hands-on treatment utilizing modalities tailored to your unique case. We also provide at-home exercises and lifestyle advice to speed your progress.

What if I feel too much pain during a session?
Communicate with your therapist so we can immediately adjust our techniques. Some temporary soreness is common as we work out restrictions, but sharp or intolerable pain is not okay. We’ll alter our force, direction, area of focus, or modalities so you remain comfortable enough to benefit from the full session and make progress.

Meet Your C-Section Rehab Team

Direct Orthopedic Therapy’s pelvic health staff have advanced specialty training in OB-GYN/prenatal/postpartum rehab. Our compassionate therapists look forward to helping you recover on your own terms.
{Staff_Name} {Credentials}
With over 10 years treating mamas during/after pregnancy, {Staff_Name} guides patients to better pelvic floor strength/coordination using pain science education, therapeutic exercise, hands-on soft tissue and joint mobilization, and much more.

{Staff_Name} {Credentials}
{Staff_Name} helps new mothers address delivery-related nerve and tissue injury through neuromuscular re-training, manual therapy like trigger point release and scar tissue mobilization, and progressive reconditioning programs.

Get Started with C-Section Rehab Today

If you are struggling with nagging C-section discomforts or more significant pain/dysfunction limiting your ability to enjoy motherhood, Direct Orthopedic Therapy can help. {Call to action for scheduling}

We accept most major insurance plans and will verify your coverage specifics when you call.

Don’t endure frustration and misery. Get back to chasing those toddler milestones smiling, laughing, and pain-free! Our women’s health physical therapists would love to help you reclaim your body.

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Deval Patel

Direct orthopedic therapy was fabulous. Amanda was prompt and attentive and Angie was the cream of the crop of physical therapists. Professional, knowledgeable, and super sweet. She took amazing care of my dad and I feel her therapy had a hand in my father’s speedy recovery from his knee replacement. I have already recommended them to family and friends and will continue to do so in the future! Thank you Amanda and Angie!!!

Crystal Keener

Everything with direct orthopedic therapy has gone very smoothly. From the scheduling to the insurance to the therapist himself. Dr Jonson is very thorough in explaining your therapy, and how it all ties in together. I believe that understanding what is happening, and why, makes you a better patient. I am very pleased that my surgeon referred me to this practice.