Physical therapist-directed care is affordable and natural

Merritt Hawkins’ 2017 Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Time

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These examples show that physical therapists can be a great choice for first-line treatment.

Physical therapy is not the cure all.

Some need more aggressive care.

Physical therapist-directed care is affordable and natural. In most cases we can see you within 24 hours.

Neck pain Exercise and manual therapy/lasertherapy are both options.

Shoulder problems Exercise therapy can be helpful in treating rotator-cuff problems, impingement and frozen shoulders

Tennis elbow In the short-term, physical therapy is better than medical therapy.

Carpal tunnel Syndrome – In this study of women suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, physical therapy was as effective as surgery.

Low back pain There are many articles that discuss the benefits of physical therapy, their accessibility, cost and accessibility.

Hip arthritis When research data is compiled, scientists have found that land-based therapeutic exercises programs can reduce pain and improve function in patients suffering from hip arthritis.

Knee arthritis Most patients will benefit from manual treatment and exercise

Meniscus tear In patients with nonobstructive Meniscal Teas, PT was not inferior to APM in improving knee function during a 24-month period.

Achilles tendinitis Mid-portion tendinopathy responds well with progressive resistance exercises.

Plantar fasciitis This research showed that orthoses, exercise and manual therapy were effective.

Take-Home Message

When it comes to most neuro-musculoskeletal conditions/diagnoses, there is research to support seeing a physical therapist first for natural, conservative care. Sometimes, physical therapy directed care can be effective.

Physical therapy may not be effective for some patients. In these cases, additional, more aggressive treatment may be necessary. This is something we understand and support.

We don’t believe that physical therapy is the only or best treatment for every condition.

The point is clear. Natural, conservative care is more cost-effective, less likely to cause side effects, and it is easily accessible (i.e. We can begin treatment with you within the next 1-3 days. This is the care that our physical therapy team provides.

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