Medial Collateral Ligament MCL Physical Therapy

You may be hit by another player during any sport. Your MCL may be damaged as a result. The MCL is a thin band of tissue located at the inner edge of your knee joint. It connects your shin and thigh bones to your knee, allowing you to move with stability. This structure provides stability for the inside of your knee. It runs from the lower leg bone to the thigh bone. This prevents inward movement of the knee joint, twisting, curling, or bending of the knee joint.

If your MCL is damaged, your knee may be bent to an unfavorable limit. This can cause difficulty walking, pain, and swelling. You can treat this with anti-inflammatory medications, pain relievers, and physical therapy. However, if the injury is serious, surgery may be necessary.


MCL injuries can be very painful and can cause severe pain. Sharp pain is usually felt at the inside of your knee. The most common signs of an MCL injury include popping sounds and clicking in the knee joints.

  • Inability to properly position the leg correctly and instability of the entire leg
  • Pain in the inner part of the knee
  • Discoloration and bruising
  • Redness, warmth, or swelling in the vicinity of an area where it is difficult to maintain your knees or legs straight.

An MCL injury makes it difficult to walk, after which you may feel pain.

How physical therapy can help

A brace and physical therapy can be used to treat MCL injuries of grade 1 or 2. After your doctor has issued you a brace, your doctor will recommend your physical therapy. Your physical therapist will use techniques like electrical stimulation and pneumatic compression to help you regain your range of motion, reduce swelling, and decrease pain. The rehabilitation process will help you to improve your balance, maintain your body’s proper posture, and return to your daily life as quickly as possible

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