oswestry Disability Index

oswestry Disability Index

April 22, 2022

The oswestry Disability Index is an assessment of how much lower back pain affects a patient’s daily activities. It is different from other outcome-based tests where the highest score is a higher score.

According to the following scoring criteria, disability is measured

0-4: No disability 5-14: Mild Disability 15-24: Moderate disability 25-34: Severe disability 35-50: Completely disabled You may need to get authorization from insurance companies in order to create a treatment plan for lower-back pain. Physical therapy can also be used to set individual goals for each patient based on their disability index. One of the most important aspects of a physical is that the goals must be measurable When preparing an exercise program, the oswestry disabled index is tested. A baseline measurement is taken at the start of treatment. Each follow-up visit is recorded with a new score code that is used to set a goal for treatment. Tracking the changes in the total score after each treatment can help you determine if the treatment is working. A decrease of 13 in total score indicates that the treatment is improving a patient’s lower back pain and decreasing their disability. The results of a physical examination, which is done by a physical therapist using the oswestry disabled index, and the variety of symptoms can be used to help the healthcare providers determine the best treatment for your disability.

No disability:

This condition is not a medical emergency. To stay healthy, you should exercise and lift weights.

Less disabilities

It includes conservative measures such as physical therapy, cold or hot therapy pain medication and rest to relieve depressive symptoms

Moderate disability:

Moderate disability treatment is more intensive and may include extensive physical therapy services as well as pain management services.

Severe disability:

For severe disabilities, medical intervention may be necessary. This could include surgery, pain management measures, and adoption equipment such as wheelchairs or caretaker.


This condition can lead to bed bound patients or others who are exaggerating or being bed bound. A caretaker is required to help with daily tasks and self-care

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