What is a physical therapy treatment post-concussion syndrome?

What is a physical therapy treatment post-concussion syndrome?

January 14, 2022

An injury to the brain that results in long-term physical and mental effects is known as a concussion. Like any muscle, you can work with a concussion to build strength and speed up the healing process, just like you can train with any other muscle. Restore your body function.

Post-Concussion Syndrome: What is it?

When the effects of a concussion last for several weeks or months after the initial injury, the condition is referred to as a post-concussive syndrome. If you’re still experiencing symptoms like headaches, light sensitivity, or dizziness, you should seek medical attention.

Your progress in recovering from a concussion depends on the severity of your injury; therefore, you should seek the advice of an expert. To get an accurate picture of your ailment, a physiotherapist will ask you a range of questions. Starting with a thorough examination of your physical and mental abilities is the first step in determining the root cause of your symptoms. This data is essential for keeping track of your development and developing a treatment strategy. Come to have your therapy.

Physiotherapy Treatments for Concussion: 

Your physiotherapist will devise a treatment plan tailored to your specific injury in a personalized setting. Treatments for concussions that are important include:

Recuperation and Rest:

Your doctor will tell you to get enough sleep so that your brain can heal properly. You should avoid all forms of physical exertion and mental stimulation, including exercise, music, screens, and socializing unless specifically instructed differently. The duration can be anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the severity of the damage.

Alleviate pain:

Pain in the head and neck are a common side effect of concussions. Your physiotherapist may recommend specific stretches and treatments to alleviate headache symptoms to keep you as comfortable as possible. In addition, some other therapies, such as electrical stimulation and eye exercises, can help alleviate discomfort and tension.

Restore function:

If you have a concussion, your body may be weak and fatigued because it needs to rest for a long time. Your physiotherapist will prescribe a variety of low-movement stretches and exercises to address this issue.

Resuming Your Regular Routine:

When returning to a normal level of activity and lifestyle, it’s vital to begin slowly. Injuries might be worsened if you return to particular activities too quickly, increasing the risk of subsequent difficulties. In addition, re-injury increases the severity of a concussion, so seeking professional guidance on how to return to your pre-concussion lifestyle safely is critical.
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If you have had any of such problems and want a speedy recovery, consulting a physical therapist would help. A team of physiotherapists can perform physical and cognitive testing to ensure your brain is in optimal health.

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