Physical therapy vs. Sports therapy

Physical therapy vs. Sports therapy

January 13, 2022

Several people aren’t sure if they need Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy and which practitioner can best help them. Although, both professions are trained and licensed to treat musculoskeletal diseases, there are several significant variations in their training and practice.

Treatment of pain and injury through hands-on treatment techniques, rehabilitation, and patient education are all areas in which Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists are well-trained professionals. Restoring, maintaining and maximizing mobility, alleviating pain and improving quality of life are the primary goals of both treatments. 
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Physical Therapy:

A physical therapist can help anyone heal from an injury regardless of age or sports engagement. Sports medical doctors often refer to physical therapists – and vice versa. It’s not just that sports medicine focuses on athletes, but it also has more options for treatment and surgery. In contrast, only stretching and strengthening exercises and equipment are used in physical therapy to aid in orthopaedic healing. Come to have your therapy.

Sports therapy:

Experts in musculoskeletal diseases, sports therapists are in demand. They use hands-on treatment and rehabilitation to alleviate pain and injuries. Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system and the restoration, maintenance, and improvement of mobility are the primary goals of the three-year degree program required to become a Sports Therapist.

Key Differences:

As we’ve seen, physiotherapy and sports therapy have many parallels and overlaps in their treatment plans, so patients aren’t sure if they’d be better served by one or the other. However, many similarities may be seen between the two:

  • There are a variety of medical conditions that physiotherapists are trained to address, such as respiratory and neurological disorders. As a result, they are well-suited to treat a broad spectrum of patients, including complex and have several ailments. 
  • Sports therapists are well-suited to preventing injuries in sports through specific programs in strengthening since they have had a lot of experience in sports situations at the undergraduate level. 
  • The goal of rehabilitation in physiotherapy is to help patients feel more at ease and function in their daily lives; rehabilitation in sports therapy aims to help patients return to or maintain the needed physical level for the sports they would like to participate in.
  • For patients who want to get back into physical activity, Sports Therapists are ideal because they focus primarily on musculoskeletal therapy and come from a sports background.
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Remember that these are only generalizations concerning physiotherapy and sports therapy and that it isn’t always a simple choice between the two. Sport-related rehabilitation is a popular field of specialization for both Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists.

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