Is a referral needed for Physical Therapy?

“Will I require a referral for physical therapy?” is one of the most often asked questions. Alternatively, “Do you accept access patients directly?” is the other question. Understandably, this is a frequently asked question, given the variety of insurance providers, coverage options, and state restrictions that make things so perplexing!

Depending on state legislation and your insurance policy, your primary care physician may or may not be required to prescribe for you.

Whether or not you are in a “direct access” status is one of the most critical factors.

Work with our Doctors of Physical Therapy to undergo a thorough assessment identifying the source of movement dysfunction and pain.

Physical Therapy Services Available to Everyone:

It has been approved in all 50 states and the District of Columbia that patients can directly access physical therapists without first seeing a doctor.

The length of time a patient can receive therapy without consulting a doctor varies by state (typically 30 days). Some jurisdictions also limit the kind of treatments used or impose other restrictions on treatment plans.

Making an appointment at any time is not restricted because Arizona is one of the 20 states that allow unlimited direct access.

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Do I Need to See a Doctor?

Physical therapists are well-versed in the limitations of the therapy modalities in which they are trained.

If you need medical attention due to an illness or accident, a doctor will refer you to the appropriate professional who can provide the care you require.

In this approach, physical therapy can be started immediately. This means that you can begin healing as soon as possible and avoid unneeded discomfort.

Physical therapists develop treatment plans for musculoskeletal problems, which include concerns with muscles, bones, and the connective tissue that joins them, such as ligaments and tendons, as well as things like bursae, which keep joints from rubbing together. 

Doctorate degrees are becoming more common among physical therapists, allowing them to make more accurate diagnoses. They’re also educated to spot the indications of fractures and diseases that could be causing a patient discomfort.

A physical therapist’s patient often experiences discomfort that gradually worsens and becomes unbearable.

A doctor may only inform you that nothing is wrong if your symptoms are caused by inactivity or old age.

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The sooner you begin physical therapy, the less time it will take, and the better the overall outcome. Come and visit us now.

Your body is rebuilding itself immediately after an accident, so delaying therapy could jeopardize your recovery. Alternatively, if you are experiencing discomfort due to poor posture, it is possible to remedy the issue before it gets out of hand.

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