Boxer fracture and physical therapy

Boxer fracture refers to a broken bone in your hand. Most commonly, the fourth or fifth metacarpal bone will be affected. In very rare instances, a boxer fracture can also be described as a fracture of the first or second metacarpal.


Boxer fractures can be caused by a punch to the wrist or a quick blow to the hand. FOOSH injury, which refers to trauma caused by falling with your hands extended, can also cause a boxer fracture.


The most common signs that a boxer fracture is identifiable are

  • Pain in your hand
  • Pain in the Pinky Finger or Near the Pinky Finger
  • You may feel swelling in your lateral hand, but not on the opposite side.
  • Reduce the range of motion in the pinky finger and the area adjacent to it
  • Hand discoloration
  • Bruising your hand
  • You can lose your knuckles

A boxer fracture can cause sharp pain in the hand. You should immediately contact medical care to have your injury treated. If it isn’t treated correctly, you may lose the function of your fingers permanently.

What can a physical therapist do to help you?

Your injury will be covered with a cast or splint for 4 to 6 weeks. The rehabilitation process for a boxer fracture will begin after 4 to 6 weeks. A physical therapist will be responsible for its rehabilitation. Your hand may be in care time, and muscle dystrophy or other reduced range of motion may cause you to become unable to move your hands properly. A physical therapist will focus on these issues.

  • Reduce your pain
  • Swelling is decreasing
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increasing strength

Electrical stimulation can reduce pain and swelling. Stitching exercises can increase the hand’s flexibility and maximize the range of motion.


The cast or splint can only be used to treat your injury. They do not help with strengthening or decreasing pain or swelling. A physical therapist can help you to resolve all fracture-related issues.

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