How to perform standing spinal flexion

How to perform standing spinal flexion

April 16, 2022

If you have spinal pain, a physical therapist may suggest standing spinal flexion. You should consult your physical therapist before you begin standing lumbar flexion. Then, you can gradually move to more gentle lumbar flexion exercises. This will involve performing lumbar flexion in a lying position for a few weeks, then lumbar flexion in a sitting position for a few weeks. Once you are comfortable with your sitting position, your physical therapist will give a signal to perform lumbar flexion in standing.

These are the steps to perform this exercise

  • Standing with your field shoulder-width apart, ensure you have enough space to move around without bumping into anything.
  • Slowly move forward, slipping your hands into your front thighs.
  • You can add pressure to your back and increase stretch by grabbing your ankles. Then, gently pull your body into a more flexible position.
  • Hold this position for at least a second and then slowly return back to your starting position.
  • When you exercise, make sure that your spine pain is not centralized
  • Stop exercising immediately if you feel your pain is getting worse and is traveling down your legs. This is an indicator of worsening conditions.
  • You can continue the exercise if you feel a centralization of your pain
  • This exercise can be done several times per day. It is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of lower back pain and leg cramps. You can also use it to stretch your back and hamstring muscles.
Physical therapists recommend this exercise most often because it is one of the most effective exercises that can help with back pain and stretch the muscles of your spine. It can also be used to strengthen your hamstring muscles, which help stabilize your pelvis. This exercise can help prevent future lower back pain. This exercise can be integrated into your daily routine to help keep your back healthy.

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