Prenatal Physical Therapy in Jacksonville Beach

Prenatal Physical Therapy for Pelvic Floor Support in Jacksonville Beach

Pregnancy is an exciting and rewarding time in a woman’s life. However, the physical changes your body undergoes can also lead to pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. At Direct Orthopedic Therapy, our highly trained physical therapists provide personalized prenatal care to help women prevent or treat issues related to posture, core strength, pelvic floor health, and more during pregnancy and postpartum.

A Natural, Holistic Approach to Prenatal Body Support

Pregnancy places extra weight, pressure, and strain on your muscles and joints — especially in the pelvic region. The hormonal and musculoskeletal changes can throw your alignment out of balance and cause aches, limited mobility, incontinence, and other pelvic floor disorders.

Rather than mask your symptoms with medication, our Direct Orthopedic Therapy physical therapists take a gentle, holistic approach. We use hands-on manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, and self-care education tailored to your unique needs and stage of pregnancy. This helps relieve discomfort while also strengthening the deep core and pelvic floor to support the demands of carrying and delivering your baby.

You’ll feel empowered with the knowledge and tools to care for your changing body with compassion. Our end goal is helping you continue pursuing your daily activities with joy and ease.

Key Benefits of Working with Our Prenatal Physical Therapy Team

What can you expect when you choose Direct Orthopedic Therapy for specialized prenatal physical therapy in the Jacksonville Beach area?

  • Muscle Realignment & Joint Mobilization – The extra weight and changing body mechanics during pregnancy can throw your pelvis, spine, hips, and other areas out of optimal alignment. We gently work to realign your joints and relax tense muscles. This immediately decreases pain while enhancing mobility.
  • Neuromuscular Re-education for Pelvic Floor – One of the most important and overlooked areas impacted during pregnancy is your pelvic floor — the group of muscles providing support to your core. We incorporate neuromuscular exercises to enhance coordination, strength, and control. This prevents issues like incontinence while also facilitating labor and delivery.
  • Core & Postural Strengthening – Carrying your baby impacts posture, balance, and core stability. We design a customized strengthening program for the deep and superficial abdominal muscles, as well as key postural areas like the shoulders, neck, back, and glutes. This prevents inefficient movement patterns that lead to pain and dysfunction down the road.
  • Diastasis Recti Correction – Diastasis recti occurs when the large parallel abdominal muscles separate to accommodate your expanding uterus. We show specific corrective exercises to bring those muscles back together postpartum. This restores muscle function and appropriate intra-abdominal force transfer.
  • Body Mechanics & Ergonomic Training – Proper body alignment and movement principles are essential knowledge for expectant mothers. We teach optimal ways to sit, stand up, pick up items, get in and out of bed, lift your baby, and perform daily tasks. This empowers self-care while preventing future strains.
  • Take-Home Wellness Tools – We provide options like supportive braces or belts, topical analgesics, and hydrotherapy techniques. Our pelvic floor workbook also gives tailored stretches, strength training, and self-treatment programs for home wellness between appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prenatal Physical Therapy

If you’re interested in our pregnancy-specialized rehabilitation services, you likely have some questions. Here are answers to a few of our most common inquiries:

What Happens During a Prenatal Physical Therapy Session? – The first visit starts with a thorough evaluation as we tune into your musculoskeletal and biomechanical landscape. Then we design a customized treatment plan based on your changing needs and symptoms during each trimester. Hands-on manual therapy helps relax tissues and restore optimal alignment while we coach stabilizing exercises. We also spend time educating and equipping you with wellness tools for self-care.

Follow-up appointments blend manual, corrective, and neuromuscular techniques to progressively meet your goals. We tackle current challenges while preventing future issues — all in a supportive environment. Your comfort and confidence are our top priorities!

What If I Feel Uncomfortable During Certain Exercises? – Our physical therapists speak up right away if we notice you struggling through movements that don’t feel right. We offer modifications or alternatives that respect your changing physical abilities while still allowing progressive strengthening as possible. Just voice any discomfort you experience, and we adjust accordingly!

Prenatal wellness is all about support and knowing your limits. You should feel empowered, not overwhelmed. Trust we’ll provide a therapeutic program that fits your unique needs.

Meet Our Passionate Prenatal Physical Therapy Team

Direct Orthopedic Therapy has carefully curated a team of expert physical therapists who specialize in the complex physical changes occurring prenatal through postpartum. Our staff stays sharp through advanced coursework and professional development so you access leading-edge, evidence-based care.

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With over 10 years of experience, {he/she} focuses on pelvic health and core rehabilitation for expecting and postpartum women. {He/She} also treats pediatric concerns like torticollis, plagiocephaly, and developmental delays.

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Our resident diastasis recti expert, {he/she} incorporates the latest corrective strategies into multifaceted prenatal recovery programs. {He/She} also teaches fitness courses for new moms.

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Certified as a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist, {he/she} provides compassionate manual therapy and therapeutic exercise for common pregnancy-related musculoskeletal issues. {He/She} also specializes in C-section aftercare and scar tissue mobilization.

Take the First Step Toward Prenatal Wellness

If you’re struggling with pelvic, low back, hip, abdominal, or other pain during pregnancy, Direct Orthopedic Therapy’s prenatal physical therapy can help. Reach out and schedule a consultation today to discuss your questions and challenges. We look forward to supporting you on the journey toward motherhood!

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Jason Dela Cruz

Thank you Direct Orthopedic Therapy for helping me get back to the gym and sports. The physical therapy treatment I received was personalized and one on one. I also love the option for home physical therapy which made it convenient to receive treatment in Jacksonville.

Herman Muller

Mardi did an outstanding job of getting me on my “Hips”again ,her knowledge of making sure that I do the right things, her constantly educating me of what needs to be done so that I can do my favorite thing-being on a ski slope skiing -again.
was back on the slopes 11 weeks after surgery, and felt better than ever( never fell!)
Thank you much