Motor Vehicle Accident in Jacksonville Beach

Common Injuries Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

Soft tissue injuries occur when muscles and tendons are stretched during an accident. This is usually due to whiplash. Whiplash is caused by whiplash, which occurs when the neck is jolted suddenly during an accident. This is the most common type and can cause pain and stiffness in the neck and back. Tingling and numbness may also be felt in the arms. Headaches can occur at the base of your skull, where the neck meets the head.

Trauma injuries can include broken bones, cuts, or bruises. Often, the chest, shoulders and knees are affected. These injuries can occur when the vehicle occupant is struck on the side of the car, or debris from the accident. When airbags and seatbelts are deployed during an accident, they can cause bruising to the chest and shoulder. Car damage can be more severe in an accident that causes more serious injuries.

Concussions can also be caused by a motor vehicle accident. It is important to have the person evaluated thoroughly to ensure their safety. A whiplash injury can cause concussions. The brain can be jolted within the skull while the head is moving through whiplash. Although concussion symptoms may vary, they can include headaches, dizziness and light and/or audio sensitivity. They also have difficulty focusing and trouble concentrating. The goal of treatment is to identify and correct any functional limitations and symptoms associated with concussion and work towards overcoming these issues. A consultation with a vision therapist or a concussion doctor may be beneficial.

What kinds of crash-related injuries do physical therapists treat?

It’s something that anyone who’s ever been in a motor vehicle accident knows all too well: That life-saving trip to the emergency room is often only the first step in the long road to recovery. Injuries from car accidents can impact your life for months or years after the initial incidents.

Among the injuries for which patients often seek physical therapy are whiplash, knee damage, torn rotator cuffs, crushed hands, cracked ribs, and damaged lungs — as well as traumatic brain injury, nervous system disorders, stress disorder, and nonspecific pain.

Is there more than one kind of physical therapy available after a crash?

Physical therapy isn’t just for whiplash or broken bones. There are several categories of crash injuries for which the treatment can be helpful.

One such sub-specialty is called cardiovascular therapy, but for accident victims, it is often related more to the pulmonary system than the heart. Bruised and cracked ribs can interfere with lung capacity, so a heart-lung therapist will work with the patient in order to improve breathing function.

Physical therapists can also provide neurological therapy for people who suffered from traumatic brain injuries as a result of their car accident. Brain trauma can affect balance, strength, and the sense of touch, among other serious problems. Physical therapy is often key to improving these conditions after the accident.

Of course, orthopedic damage to the neck, back, knees, and shoulders is also helped by “classic” physical therapy. PT for these injuries typically includes specialized exercises and gentle, targeted massage

Why is it important to start physical therapy as soon as possible?

Depending on your injury, scar tissue can build up along injured muscles, tendons, and joints — making the recovery process that much longer if you don’t work on it as soon as possible. PT also helps you avoid “teaching” your body bad habits to make up for your injuries, such as potentially throwing your spine out of alignment because you’re favoring an aching hip.

Finally, any insurance or legal claims you may be seeking will need documentation in order to prove the duration needed for physical therapy treatment.

How physical therapy can help in Jacksonville Beach

Physical therapy, despite the many injuries that can result from a car accident is beneficial and often the first line of treatment. Soft tissue injuries are the most common. Physical therapy will typically focus on reducing muscle stiffness and spasms to improve mobility and pain in the neck and back. To reduce stiffness and improve movement, stretching exercises might be recommended. To improve muscle control and movement tolerance in daily activities, strengthening exercises can be used. Pain relief may be offered at home or in the clinic using heat, ice and electrical stimulation.

Education is an important part in the recovery process after a motor vehicle accident. It can help the patient get back to their normal daily activities and not worsen his/her pain. It may include adjusting activities temporarily and improving awareness of body mechanics and posture throughout the day. Avoiding movement can make things worse or prolong recovery. Concussions are another reason to be cautious. The symptoms can cause significant difficulties at work or school and could lead to concussion-related impairments.

While car accidents can cause pain and disability, physical therapy may be able to help. You are probably not in a motor vehicle crash, or at least not in one that is related to a bumper car. Access Physical Therapy can help you or your loved one with injuries from a crash. Access Physical Therapy offers personalized care and highly skilled therapists to help you feel better and get on the road to recovery.

Our team of physical therapists can help you with all of these issues, by working with you to determine the scope of physical therapy care that you need, as well as providing any needed professional documentation. Contact us today for an appointment, so that you can begin recovery from your motor vehicle accident as soon as possible.

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