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About Dr Jonson Yousefzadeh PT, DPT, COMPT

We help active people get out of pain, restore function & maximize their quality of life without wasting time & energy chasing symptoms…

Are you someone who loves to be active but experiencing some of these roadblocks?

Struggling with a nagging injury that just won’t go away?

Scheduled for orthopedic surgery but overwhelmed and unsure of what to expect?

My name is Dr Jonson Yousefzadeh PT, DPT, COMPT and I help people who value their time and health get active again with a proven system to rehab, restore function and optimize performance & quality of life.  I am on a mission to put the best clinicians in a position to serve the active people of NE Florida with personalized & convenient expertise so they can stay active, healthy and operating at a high level. Direct Orthopedic Therapy was founded to execute on that mission.

If you’re interested in learning more on how  you can systematically build a durable body that is injury-proof and get back to doing the things you love then you can check out our Pain Relief Programs by clicking on the button below!

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